If you have an unregistered Honda motorcycle that is over 25 years old, the Honda Owners Club can provide the necessary paperwork which the DVLA require to support an application for a registration document or V5C.

Many old bikes which were originally registered in the UK have dropped off the DVLA database as they haven't been used for numerous years. If you have an old log book, registration document or entry from a county records office, which shows both the vehicle registration marque (VRM) and the frame number, it should be possible to retain the registration number displayed using an HOC authenticated V765 form and dating documents. If you do not have documentry evidence, the number plates must be destroyed and a fresh application for an age related plate made using a V55/5 form.

If you have an imported motorcycle, the DVLA will require you to submit a dating certificate to prove the year of manufacture of the bike. The HOC can provide a DVLA approved dating certificate and declaration which will assist the applicant in obtaining a V5C with an age related VRM. Guidance notes are also available to assist in completing the V55/5 form which can appear a little daunting.

In order for the HOC to provide dating documents, the motorcycle must be in a roadworthy condition and be ready to be MOTed. Close up pictures of the frame and engine numbers will be required. If the numbers are damaged or altered in any way, it will not be possible to authenticate the bike. A side view picture of the complete machine will also be required. A fee is charged for this service.

The HOC is unable to provide dating documents for motorcycles that have been customised or substantially modified from from their original specification. If your bike falls into this category you will need to consult the DVLA for guidance. The Honda Owners Club can only date motorcycles that are over 25 years old. Please note we cannot date, cars, quad bikes, lawnmowers or power equipment

For more information or advice please contact the HOC Classic Secretary Chris Ward, or telephone 07827 393237

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